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Who You Are

  • A high school student going into computer science

  • A computer science or computer engineering major in college

  • A non-computer science major who is transitioning majors in college

  • A software engineer in industry

  • An individual in the tech industry looking to transition into a software engineering role

  • Anything in between…

What You Want

A fulfilling, engaging, & interesting job as a Software Engineer.

You want to work somewhere with great benefits, great people, great reputation, and great…everything.

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Who We Are 

Benyam Ephrem


Hey, I’m Ben. This is Ben writing this right now.

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What We Offer You 

Nearing 100 free videos covering the fundamentals of what is asked in the typical Big N Software Engineer interview.

You owe us nothing.

There you go.

All yours.

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Get My Top 5 Questions For The Software Engineering Interview.

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 Our Tools

Since our goal is to “empower the software engineer to excel in the interview”, we are working on tools to help candidates from every angle of the process.

The YouTube channel is only one angle of something much larger that we want to build with this project.

This is why we are in the process of branching off and making some helpful tools to help people with everything from studying for interviews…all the way to actually managing the tiring & hectic application process to companies.

Our goal is to be the champion of the candidate and stand by their side throughout this process.

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Our Podcast 

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Another angle to this project I want to develop is having real conversations with key role players in this whole technology thing.

This is why we have a podcast where we talk to software engineers, recruiters, hiring managers, etc. to get a wholistic view of things.

I (back to being Ben) have wanted to launch the podcast for a while now and I’m glad that it is finally getting off the ground.

It is a nice…”human” compliment to the YouTube channel which is heavily technical.

You can find them here.

Support The Project 

All of these things take a lot of work.

Do you want to see this project expand, become larger, and help more people?

You can help make that happen…or not…like…it’s fine….if you………nevermind.



Why Do We Do This?

*switching to using “I” since this is Ben*

I am in your position.

I am in the field of Software Engineering and need to interview with companies for work.

But in my way is an insurmountable wall of problems that have nothing to do with my day to day programming projects.

I know how you feel.

For me this is not about coding problems. It is about helping people remove a barrier in their life to their desires.

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I’m Sorry.


There are so many videos from the start of the channel that I messed up the audio on (and I am literally shouting).

There are videos that I gave lukewarm explanations to that I want to redo.

There are videos missing code.

There are videos that have bad lighting.

There are videos where I stand too close to the camera.

There are videos where I speak too fast.

There are videos where I forget to do or say one little thing and the explanation becomes much less clear.

There are videos where the camera is about to die and I don’t say all I needed to say.

I know about all of these.

This is not my full time job so I probably can’t redo these because there are so many topics in front of me that I have to cover.

I want quality and hate that I have to live with these things.

I just hope that through all this that the vision is achieved.

I hope you accept my apology. :)