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Our Refund Guarantee:

If you feel the money you spent on this product & community weren't worth it, we have 30-day no questions asked refund policy.

Our mission at Back To Back SWE is to drive positive outcomes for our customers. If you do not benefit we have failed our mission.

Here is what other's are saying:

Nikolas Testimonial

I messaged you about a week ago, thanking you for your videos as I was cramming for my Amazon interview. I think that without Back To Back SWE, there is no way I would have done as well as I did. Today I got the email and they sent me an offer! Thanks to you all, I can see myself having a really bright career in the near future. Thank you for the amazing work that you guys do, have a great Monday!

- Nikolas

Sushrut Testimonial

I just got off the phone with Google and I'm going onto on-sites! May not be huge, right? But this is my first ever technical screen, despite having 4 years of experience, and I think a huge thank you is in order.

- Sushrut